Abbot-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon

January 1, 2017

Abbot-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon

A Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament + Keyed to Strong’s.

converted from DSaw’s eSword module 7/22/2013 by Dr.DaveT.

Sample Entry

ἀγαπάω, -ῶ,
[in LXX chiefly for H157;]
to love, to feel and exhibit esteem and goodwill to a person, to prize and delight in a thing.
1. Of human affection, to men: τ. πλησίον, Mat 5:43; τ. ἐχθρούς, Mat 5:44; to Christ, Joh 8:42; to God, Mat 22:37; c. acc rei, Luk 11:43, Joh 12:43 Eph 5:25, 2Ti 4:8; 2Ti 4:10, Heb 1:9, 1Pe 2:17, 1Pe 3:10, 2Pe 2:15, 1Jn 2:15, Rev 12:11.
2. Of divine love;
(a) God’s love: to men, Rom 8:37; to Christ, Joh 3:35;
(b) Christ’s love: to men, Mar 10:21; to God, Joh 14:31; c. cogn. acc, Joh 17:26, Eph 2:4.

SYN.: φιλέω G5368. From its supposed etymology (Thayer, LS; but v. also Boisacq) ἀ. is commonly understood properly to denote love based on esteem (diligo), as distinct from that expressed by φιλέω (amo), spontaneous natural affection, emotional and unreasoning. If this distinction holds, a. is fitly used in NT of Christian love to God and man, the spiritual affection which follows the direction of the will, and which, therefore, unlike that feeling which is instinctive and unreasoned, can be commanded as a duty. (Cf. ἀγάπη G26, and v. Tr., 12; Cremer, 9, 592; and esp. MM, VGT, s.v.)

Abbott-smith-manual-greek-lexicon Dct
Abbott-smith-manual-greek-lexicon Dct
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