Rice – People’s Bible Dictionary

December 11, 2016

Rice – People’s Bible Dictionary

a concise dictionary for handy and quick reference. Special attention has been given to some marked fulfilments of prophecy.

Sample Entry

Gamaliel (ga-mâ’li-el), recompense of God. 1. Son of Pedahzur; prince or captain of the tribe of Manasseh at the census at Sinai, Num 1:10; Num 2:20; Num 7:54; Num 7:59, and at starting on the inarch through the wilderness. Num 10:23. (b.c. 1490.) 2. A Pharisee and celebrated doctor of the law, who gave prudent worldly advice in the Sanhedrin respecting the treatment of the followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Act 5:34 ff. (a.d. 29.) He was Paul’s teacher. Act 22:3. He is generally Identified with Gamaliel, the grandson of Hillel, who is referred to as authority in the Jewish Mishna.

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Peoples-Bible Dictionary
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